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Hardox For Cement Production

Cement is a worldwide product produced in several factories across the world. The primary and most apparent market for cement is in the construction sector, where it is mixed with water to form concrete. Cement production is a high-energy thermal process that needs heating solid particles to 1450 Degree C and then cooling it down. The process produces hot, CO2-rich exhaust streams. And it generates significant volumes of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide. Hardox 400 wear plate provides significant benefits throughout the whole manufacturing process. Its exceptional wear resistance translates into bottom-line benefits including increased uptime, increased productivity, extended service life, and lower maintenance. Portland cement is manufactured in a Rotary Kiln. In a factory producing 330 tons of cement per day, replacing the kiln with a fluidized-bed reactor would reduce energy consumption by more than one-third and construction costs by one-fourth. The dry technique, in which the ingredients of cement react in a dry kiln, is used by Indian cement producers, who have yet to incorporate new forms of cement created overseas. While this method consumes significantly less energy than others in which the components are wet and allowed to react, it is far more polluting due to its dustiness.
Hardox for Cement Production
Cements are essential for lowering your emissions. Simply utilizing 30% more ecofriendly chemicals in the OPC mix decreases CO2 emissions by 27%. Traditional cement manufacturing is based on the push concept, which involves producing and storing commodities ahead of demand, which is both costly and inefficient.



1. Open pit

2. Loader and tipper

3. Excavator and dump truck

4. Hopper

5. Conveyor belt

6. Jaw crusher

7. Conveyor belt rubber

8. Crusher screen

 9. Cone crusher

10. Chute

11. Conveyor belt rubber

12. Storage bins

13. Elevator buckets

14. Hopper

15. Conveyor belt rubber

16. Raw mill

17. Preheating in cyclones

18. Rotary kiln

19. Clinker cooler

20. Conveyor belt rubber

21. Hammer crusher


23. Screw conveyor

24. Silos

25. Ball mill

26. Elevator bucket

27. Hopper

28. Silo

29. Transport of finished product

30. Concrete transit mixer

31. Concrete pump truck