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Complex Phase Steel

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Kamlesh Metal & Alloy is a global leader and one of the largest high-quality Complex phase steel suppliers. The company continues to provide a high-quality product in a timely and consistent manner, according to the absolute highest standards.

Complex Phase steel is available in hot-rolled and cold-rolled forms, both of which can be hot-dipped galvanized for corrosion resistance. The greater thickness ranges required for structural type parts are available in hot-rolled materials.

Mechanical Properties for Docol® CP Steels, SSAB CP – Complex Phase Steel, Automotive Applications for Complex Phase Steels, Grades for Docol® CP Steels, Forming Docol® Complex Phase Steel

What is Complex phase steel?

Complex Phase steels have an exceptionally fine grain, micro formation with very few quantities of martensite, pearlite, and restored austenite contained in a ferrite-bainite form, which provides internal strength. Precipitation of microalloying elements like Nb, Ti, or V produces high grain refinement.

What are the characteristics of Complex phase steel?

High-stress concentration capacity at low strain, high fatigue strength, high energy absorption, wear resistance and bake hardening potential are all features of CP steels.

Stretch forming, roll forming, bending, and hole expansions are all possible with CP steels because of their exceptional formability.


What are the advantages of Complex phase steel?

The material is long-lasting and resistant to wear.

It also offers exceptional weldability and great crash energy absorption.

What are the uses of Complex phase steel?

CP steels are particularly well suited for weight-saving manufacture of cold-formed crash critical parts in vehicles due to their great capacity to absorb energy during a collision. The body construction, suspension, and chassis components of automobiles have a variety of uses.

Grades and mechanical properties for Docol® CP steels

Product Family Product name Coating Dimensions Standards
Docol 600CP Docol CR​350Y​600T-​CP GI, GA, ZA T: 0.70 – 2.50 mm
W: Up to 1520 mm
Docol 800CP Docol CR​570Y​780T-​CP UC, GI, GA*, ZA* T: 0.50 – 2.50 mm
W: Up to 1527 mm
VDA 239-100
Docol HR​660Y​760T-​CP UC, GI T: 2.00 – 4.00 mm
W: Up to 1500 mm
VDA 239-100
Docol HR800HER-75 UC T: 2.00 – 4.00 mm
W: Up to 1500 mm
Docol HR800HER-100 UC T: 2.00 – 4.00 mm
W: Up to 1500 mm
Docol Roll 800 UC T: 0.50 – 2.10 mm
W: Up to 1527 mm
Docol 1000CP Docol CR​780Y​980T-​CP UC, EG, GI T: 0.50 – 2.50 mm
W: Up to 1527 mm
VDA 239-100
Docol Roll 1000 UC, EG, GI T: 0.50 – 2.10 mm
W: Up to 1527 mm
Docol Roll 1000HY UC, EG, GI T: 0.50 – 2.10 mm
W: Up to 1527 mm
Docol 1200CP Docol CR​900Y​1180T-​CP UC, EG, GI T: 0.50 – 2.10 mm
W: Up to 1527 mm
VDA 239-100

Designation and standard​

ArcelorMittal name Generic name Euronorms VDA 239-100 ABNT NBR
CR360Y590T-CP CP600 HCT600C (+ZE)
CR500Y780T-CP CP800Y500
CR570Y780T-CP CP800Y600 HCT780C (+ZE,+Z) CR570Y780T-CP (-UNC,-EG,-GI)
CR780Y980T-CP CP1000Y800 HCT980C (+ZE,+Z) CR780Y980T-CP (-UNC,-EG,-GI) CP1000-B / CP1000-HE

Applications of Complex Phase Steel

Seat flange in CR360Y590T-CP
Seat flange in CR360Y590T-CP (thickness: 1.5 mm)
Door beam in CR780Y980T-CP
Door beam in CR780Y980T-CP (thickness: 2 mm)
Bumper beam in HR800Y950T-CP
Tunnel stiffener in CR570Y780T-CP (thickness: 1.6 mm)
Bumper beam in HR800Y950T-CP (roll-formed)
Bumper beam in HR800Y950T-CP (roll-formed)
Current production grades of CP steels and examples of automotive applications:
  • • CP 600/900 Frame rails, B pillar reinforcements, tunnel stiffener
  • • CP 680/780 Frame rails, chassis components, cross members
  • • CP 800/1000 Suspension brackets, fender beams
  • • CP 1000/1200 Frame rail reinforcements, rocker panel supports
  • • CP 1050/1470 Bumper beams, side sills

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