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Expandable Rock Bolts

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What are Expandable Rock-bolts?

A rock bolt is an anchor bolt for stabilizing rock excavations. They are designed for consistent support to provide safety optimum control of rock mass in mining and tunneling. The rock bolts offer high yielding and breaking load pressures while preserving good elongation properties for safety. The rock bolts support secure potentially unstable areas, and they also control dilution while boosting productivity. The rock bolts have outstanding tensile strength and elongation that provides excellent energy absorbency in challenging mining sites and fields. The expandable rock bolts have a perfect load-bearing capacity. They have a very high resistance to crack, and they have good heat-bearing features.

Properties of Expandable Rock-bolts:

• Excellent energy absorbency
• High load yielding
• Good deformity
• Non-eroding nature


The ERB – Expandable Rock Bolt is a full-column anchored rock bolt that forms a mechanical interlock between the borehole wall and the bolt over the entire length of the bolt. For maintaining stability and safety during the working environment, the rock surrounding underground excavations must be reinforced stabilized. This is accomplished by inflating the ERB with high liquid pressure.

When the pump is going off, the ERB does provide full rock support action. In addition, when the ERB is inflated, the fastener length contracts, successfully tensioning the faceplate against the rock surface.

As this SSAB Expandable Rock Bolt is assembled using water, there are no specific chemical hazards to be concerned about. These pure steel fasteners are allowed to stand without harming the environment. SSAB ERB rock bolts are produced in Sweden at an SSAB plant using only high-quality Nordic steel.

The ERB is a low-cost method of rock reinforcement that can be used in a wide range of rock conditions, from soft to hard.

It is adaptable and will allow for variations in borehole diameter. The ERB is designed to withstand large rock movements while maintaining its high strength properties. Furthermore, the ERB is an environmentally friendly sustainable rock reinforcement solution that does not require the use of cement grout or other chemicals to anchor the bolt.

Main advantages using ERB

• Provides immediate and full support action
• Provides immediate and full support action
• High deformability to accommodate ground
movements in tension as well as in shear

Safe and easy installation

• Accommodate variations in borehole diamete
• Quality assured installation – when the pump
stops the bolt is successfully installed
• No cement grout or other chemicals required
to anchor the bolt

Instant installation
ERB before and after expansion.
Instant load bearing
The folded tube is expanded inside the borehole and immediately provides full rock support action

How Expandable Rock Bolt Work

How SSAB ERB work

SSAB ERB bolts are delivered fully assembled. In all types of tunneling and resource extraction, the procedure is easy and basic. The necessary equipment is portable and powerful. Using standard rock drilling equipment, the hole is drilled to the required length. Insert the bolt, with or without the optional faceplate. A pressure pump is attached, and the pipe is expanded with a pressure of up to 30 MPA. The pump has been removed, and the rock has been secured.

Technical properties for SSAB ERB and SSAB ERB+ series

ERB 120 ERB 120+ ERB 160 ERB 160+ ERB 240 ERB 240+
Bolt diameter 28 mm
28 mm  38 mm 38 mm 38 mm 38 mm
Profile diameter 27.5 mm
27.5 mm  36 mm 36 mm 36 mm 36 mm
Material thickness 2 mm
2 mm  2 mm 2 mm 3 mm 3 mm
Upper bushing diameter 28 mm
28 mm  38 mm 38 mm 38 mm 38 mm
Inflation bushing diameter 30/37 mm
30/37 mm  41/48 mm 41/48 mm 41/48 mm 41/48 mm
Hole diameter 32 – 39 mm 32 – 39 mm 43 – 52 mm 43 – 52 mm 43 – 52 mm 43 – 52 mm
Minimum breaking load 120 kN 120 kN 160 kN 160 kN 240 kN 230 kN
Minimum elongation 10 % 20 % 10 % 20 % 10 % 20 %
Typical elongation 15 % 30 % 15 % 30 % 15 % 30 %
Standard length* 1.5 – 4.0 m 1.5 – 4.0 m 2.4 – 6.0 m 2.4 – 6.0 m 2.4 – 6.0 m 2.4 – 6.0 m


GFRP: Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Bolts Manufactured using the latest technologies offering high mechanical strength and long-term characteristics for anchoring, our GFRP products offer the lowest carbon footprint of any bolting product in the market with 66% lower CO2 emissions. High strength, lighter weight products improve logistics, ergonomics, safety, and productivity rates.
SDA: Self-Drilling Anchor Bolts SDA bolts provide reinforcement for the most unstable ground conditions like sand, gravel, silt, clay or fractured rock. The hollow bar attached to a sacrificial drill bit is used as a drill string and flushed with water, air or cement grout and it is fitted with a left- or right-hand, R- or T-thread. SDAs can be extended with couplers and connected to conventional rock drilling equipment. When used with grouts, including Carbothix or Celroc P, anchoring can be achieved in the most challenging rock conditions.
Cable Bolts For passive or active long tendon applications with smooth bulbed or indented strands to enhance anchorage. Primary or secondary support, long or short-term applications where high-capacity supports with high shear strength and flexibility are required. A pumped grout is used to encapsulate the cable during installation.
Resin Capsule Cable Bolts For long tendon applications, passive or active installations with smooth bulbed or indented strands to enhance anchorage. Primary or secondary support, long or shortterm applications where high-capacity supports with high shear strength and flexibility are required. Designed to mix the two component Lokset resin cartridge. The cable is spun into position during installation thoroughly mixing the resin.
Friction Bolts (Expandable) Used for immediate support in mechanised mining and tunnelling activities. Inserted undersized, expands under high-pressure water. Once fully expanded the bolt is drained of water, allowing for improved control of the bolt loading and corrosion protection
Friction Bolts (Split) The split bolt is made of a high strength steel and uses a spring-based design with an interference fit, creating immediate load transfer between the bolt and the rock mass once the bolt is fully inserted.
Resin Bolts Used with Minova Lokset capsules, the bolts are inserted into the borehole after the capsule is set in place. The rotation of the bolts mixes the resin. On setting of the resin (minutes) the full load bearing capacity of the bolt can be used.
Tension Rebar Bolts (TRB) Offers precise tension and significant cost savings. The TRB System has tensile strength characteristics from 140MPa to 318MPa (20 300PSI to 46 200PSI), where needed for better beam building. This exceptional support, installed in a 25mm (1”) hole, allows for dramatic savings in resin and is available with a variety of tensions nuts. (Right- or Left-Hand Spin).
Mix Bolts A combination of expansion shell bolt as temporary rock support and subsequent injection for permanent rock support through integrated injection hole and bleed air holes. The bolt remains fully secured during grouting.
Post Grouted Bolts Using the expansion shell principle, the bolt is held in position while injection grouts fill the bolt-hole annulus, creating a fully encapsulated bolt for securing areas where higher rock pressures exist. A grout injection set, consisting of seal and piping, are used for injection of the grouts.
Expansion Shell Bolts Simple and easy to install for immediate support to a work area, the expansion shell creates a point to anchor into the hole by turning the bolt in the hole. The shell tightens to the rock creating tension at the foot of the borehole, transferring the load from the bolt head and plate to the rock via the shell.
Wedge / Shaft Bolts Used primarily in mining applications to connect the reinforcement support to the shaft-lining and to fit pipeline or cable holders and other fixtures in the shaft. The wedge is inserted into the borehole and the bolts are hammered into position. The bolt can also be grouted to provide additional long-term security.
Continuous Thread Bolts (CTB) CTB are similar to Tension Rebar Bolts, but with the added benefit of being threaded the entire length of the bar, thus allowing for more versatility. If ground conditions or roof control plans change down the road the ability to tighten the bolt provides added flexibility.

Major Applications of Expandable Rock-bolts

The rock bolts render grouting services and rockfall protection. They are used for stabilization of railway track. They are also used in tunnel portal stabilization. They are used in roof support mechanisms as they have high energy to retain pressure. The rock bolts are used in slope support applications. They are used for maintaining support and stability in ground consolidation. They are also utilized in water, and gases ingress controlling. They have great use in cavity filing services. They are mainly used for bolting solutions. They are used in tunnels, coal mining, hard rock mining, construction, rock cuts, and rock cliffs to control unstable exteriors and interiors. They are also utilized in abutments. Kamlesh Metal & Alloy have gained wide customer recognition due to their committed excellent deliverance.