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Ferrite Bainite Steel

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Ferritic bainite steel is a popular choice at Kamlesh Metal & Alloy. We have a group of great young minds that aim for excellence in all aspects of the metals industry. We are committed to our fundamental principles and are best to maintain success while adhering to ethical business standards.

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The details of Ferritic bainite steel are:

Ferrite-Bainite is high-strength, hot-rolled steel having a structure of very fine ferrite and bainite grains. Bainite has a quality and is well known for its edge stretchability, and Ferrite has a significant degree of elongation. Their little hardness changes across phases contribute to high hole expansion of Ferritic bainite steel and most stretch frangible, which are also important indicators of local formability. Ferritic-bainitic steels have higher elongation and a higher strain-hardening exponent than high strength low alloy steels with individual strength levels.

The characteristics of Ferritic bainite steel :

Local formability is effective. Also excellent for cold-forming of edge flanges provided with punched holes.

It is good for automotive parts subject to vibrations and has high hole expansion ratios.

Because ferritic bainite steel has high ductility, it is ideal for producing complicated shapes and sizes of car safety components.

The advantages of Ferritic bainite steel :

 It has good weldability along with resistance spot welding and arc welding.
 It provides strong fatigue performance to its tensile strength relatively.

What are the uses of Ferritic bainite steel?
Ferritic bainite steel has advantages and is very useful in automobiles such as beams and cross members suspension parts, including upper and lower control arms, chassis, and wheels.

Grades and Mechanical Properties for Docol® (FB) Ferrite Bainite Steel

Docol 600FB Docol HR​440Y​580T-​FB UC, GI* T: 2.00 – 4.00 mm
W: Up to 1600 mm
VDA 239-100

Applications of Ferrite Bainite Steel

Hot-rolled Docol FB steels deliver good fatigue performance in combination with good formability in chassis applications.

• Suspension parts, including upper and lower control arms
• Wheels
• Beams and cross members
• Chassis

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