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Hardox Hammers are manufactured and export by Kamlesh Metal & Alloy. We are a leading supplier, exporter and supplier of the industrial sectors. Various applications are working differently; hence we manufacture Hardox Hammers in customized and default forms.

These Hardox Hammers are mainly manufactured as per the need and workflow of the industrial applications. Therefore, they come with different properties and features which are useful for different working sectors.

Features of Hardox Hammers:

Hardox Hammers offer high strength, extreme hardness, and guaranteed toughness. These hammers unite the best properties of different grades. They come with excellent working features, hardness, toughness, and different resistance properties. In addition, these Hardox Hammers come with the best properties from other materials or alloys.
Our manufactured Hardox Hammers have several uses in various industrial environments. They are suitable for work in various working environments and they are found their uses as hammers, power hammers, durable hammers and industrial hammers. Hardox Hammers comes with the features such as efficiency, accuracy and highly rated performance.

Hardox Hammer Images

Mechanical and physical properties of Hardox Hammers:

Mechanical Properties
• Hardness
• Yield Strength
• Tensile Strength
Physical properties
• Elongation
• Impact Values
• Charpy- V-Notch
• Longitudinal

Hardox Hammers are characterized by an even flatness, high hardness and high strength. Due to these important properties, these hammer thicknesses can be treated to manufacture components made of Hardox with higher hardness levels. A significant amount can reduce the weight of the structures made from them.

Applications of Hardox Hammers:

This range of Hardox Hammers are used in different sectors. They are coming with the advantage when fragmenting waste and minerals. They are used for building trash and ferrous scrap and brittle garbage such as glass, electronic scrap, unsorted waste, waste wood and limestone. These are the wide range of applications and working sectors where Hardox Hammers are used.