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Leading and pioneer company Kamlesh Metal & Alloys provides the great range of Hardox Wear Pads that comes in other forms. We are manufacturing these pads in different specifications. They are also available in customized manufacturing forms. However, they are identical to use in different applications as per their needs.

Hardox Wear Pads are manufacture using the Hardox wear material. In this manufacturing process, you will get a single material compared with the conventional two-layer model, such as one is soft and one is casting. This way, much more elements can be consumed down before you need to displace them.

These Hardox Wear Pads come with excellent hardness, processed under various heat treatments. As a result, they have unbeatable toughness, leading to bendability and weldability. In addition, this material has great abrasion resistance.

Hardox Wear Pads Img

What are the Wear Pads?

These Hardox Wear Pads are great for protecting the surfaces and improve sliding properties. These wear pads are used in industrial applications from earlier days. Although Hardox Wear Pads are also identified as slider pads, wear pads increase the wear resistance capability and provide higher strength.

Hardox is the material that has the lowest hardness, hardness increases as the steel grade rises. This material is intended for applications with extremely high demands on abrasion resistance.
Hardox has obtained its mechanical properties by quenching and, when necessary, through subsequent tempering. The properties that come with the delivery condition of Hardox material cannot be retained after exposure to temperatures above 250ºC.

Features of Hardox Wear Pads:
• These pads offer the high-strength special material
• They have special high-tension material
• Excellent abrasion resistance
• Long life span

Industrial sectors where Hardox Wear Pads are used:

These Hardox Wear Pads are used in construction sites, agriculture farms and manufacturing sectors. These are the three main working sectors where Hardox Wear Pads are used.