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Strenx 650 Plates Supplier

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Kamlesh Metal & Alloy is the well known stockiest supplier, exporter and supplier of Strenx 650 Plates. We utilize the best industrial raw material for procuring our products. These plates are made in a variety of thicknesses and dimensions as per the needs of our clients. We have clients all over the world who have trusted us for a long time.

Properties that are outstanding of Strenx 650 Plates are:

Amazing durability
Appearance and finishing is unique
Various industrial and domestic uses
Torrid environment resistance

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Which are the beneficial features of Strenx 650 Plates?

They are resistant to inorganic and organic reactions. These plates are lighter and sustainable. They are also reliable, safer and sturdier. They are made to bear the chemical actions and reactions. They are also made to be resistant to rust and corrosion while being applied in the industrial sector. The plates are also tolerant of the polluted urban environment. They have a unique quality of being included in load-bearing structures; low weight structures are required. The plates are used in the load-bearing structures of bridges and building panels. They also have the main quality of low thermal expansion. They have fabulous machinability. They are not lethal and hence utilized in the food and beverages industries. 

Usage of Strenx 650 Plates:

These plates are used in heat-treated components. The plates are also used in engineering industries and for welding, bending and machining applications. They are also flame resistant, and this property is good for lumbering machinery and components. The plates are also used in train cargo wagons and containers. They are used in light rail trains. They are widely used for trailers and attachments of front loaders. 

Kamlesh Metal and Alloys has a unique image globally of being the best producers and timely suppliers.

Strenx 650 Plates Specification



Use For

Structural Low temperatures (down to -60°)

Strenx 650 Plates Thickness

4.0 - 8.0 mm

Strenx 650 Plate width

Up to 1600 mm

Strenx 650 Plate Production

Hot-Rolled (HR) / Cold-Rolled (CR)

Strenx 650 Plates Heat Treatment

N, Q+T

Strenx 650 Plate Length

Up to 12300 mm

Strenx 650 Plate Standards

EN 10051, EN 10029, EN 10163-2

Strenx 650 Plate Hardness

Half Hard, Quarter Hard, Soft, Hard, Spring Hard

Surface Properties

According to EN 10 163-2 Class A, Subclass 3

Available Stock of Strenx 650 High Strength Steel Plates

We maintain huge inventory of all standard sizes and grades. Please send us your complete requirement and we will send you the availability with the best quotes for High Strength Structural Steel Strenx 650 Plates.

Chemical Composition of Strenx 650 Plates

Grade C *)(max %) Si *)(max %) Mn *)(max %) P(max %) S(max %) Al *)(Min %) Nb *)(max %) V *)(max %) Ti *)(max %)
Strenx® 650 0.12 0.21 2.00 0.025 0.010 0.015 0.09 0.20 0.15

Strenx 650 Plates Mechanical Properties

Yield strength Rp0.2 (min MPa) Tensile strength Rm (MPa) Elongation A80 (min %)Sheet Shickness t< 3mm Elongation A5 (min %)Sheet thickness t> 3mm
650 700 – 800 12 14

Different Types of Strenx 650 Plates

  • Strenx® 650 Performance Steel Plates
  • Strenx 650 High Strength Steel Plates
  • Strenx 650 Plates Price List in India
  • Distributor of Strenx 650 Steel Plates
  • Strenx 650 Plate Stockholder
  • Strenx 650 Plate Supplier
  • Strenx 650 Hot Rolled Steel Plate
  • Strenx 650 Structural Steel Plate
  • Strenx 650 Plates Cut to Length
  • SSAB Strenx® 650 Plates Authorized Dealer
  • Strenx 650 Plates Sole Distributor in India
  • Strenx 650 High Tensile Structural Plate
  • Strenx 650 Steel Plates Dealer
  • EN 10029 Strenx 650 Plate
  • Strenx 650 High Tensile Plates
  • Strenx EN 10051 650 Plate
  • Strenx® 650 Plate Authorized Distributor
  • Strenx® 650 Sheets
  • Strenx 650 High-Strength Plate
  • Structural Steel – Strenx 650 Plates
  • Sole Distributor of Strenx 650 Plates in India
  • Available Standard EN 10025-6 Strenx 650 Plates

Strenx 650 Plates Processing

Processes on Plates includes Shearing, Drilling, High Definition Plasma, Sawing, Oxy Cutting, Standard Definition Plasma, Forming, Laser and much more. We take great pride in not just offering great services for our customers, but we stand behind the services we provide in a way that is unmatched in the industry.


Strenx 650 Plates - Industries & Applications

Our Plates are used in a wide range of applications and various industries. Below are a few of them:


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