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Hardox For Underground Mining

Underground Mining often entails the excavation of underground tunnels and chambers underneath the ground surface. Underground mining is quite risky than surface mining. This kind of mining is usually employed in locations where high-quality ore, such as gold, is concentrated in narrow veins and other extraordinarily rich concentrations. Underground mines that employ Hardox 450 plate may also be dug underwater, giving them a significant advantage over surface mines.

In Underground mining, the extraction of resources is done from under the surface utilizing different underground methods.  The conventional mining method is driving large machinery below, breaking up the rocks, and depositing them in a vat or tank below ground. Underground mining is used in a variety of sectors, including gold Panning, Iron Ore Panning, Limestone Mining, Slate Mining, Coal Mining, Oilfield Prospecting, and others. Underground Mining can continue to play an important function for future generations with technology that enables the safe transport and storage of many sorts of materials, including earth and rock.

Hardox For Underground Mining

When the ore body is too thick to be mined successfully from an open pit, underground mining can be used. It has left a less footprint on the earth than open-pit mining. Many methodologies are been proposed have been developed in recent years to make this easier and safer.

Underground Mining

Underground Mining Process

a. Front loader

b. Dump truck

c. Buffer bin

d. Rail road car

e. Discharge site

f. Transfer chute

g. Feeder

h. Screener

i. Crusher

j. Conveyor

k. Measuring bin

l. Skip