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Kamlesh Metal & Alloy is a prominent company that provides high quality coatings.  We use the best quality of raw material and follow every step in the manufacturing process to achieve the desired goal. Our company provides the finished product as per the specification by our clients.

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The details of the Coatings are as follows :

 The coating is an outer film of a protective substance that is settled or applied to the surface of any body part to optimize critical properties and develop a protective barrier against surface deterioration caused by reaction with its surroundings.

The characteristics of Coatings are as follows:

It could be a thin metallic sheath, polymeric material, paint, varnish, or other organic covering.

Inorganic linings, such as glass and porcelain, may be used as the outer film or optical film and etched covering.

The Benefits of Coatings are as follows: 

The coating can be used to give abrasion and scratch resistance, as well as fire and heat resistance. It can be used to provide insulation against the flow of electric charge, sealing ability, and wettability and improve physical appearance.

The main uses of coatings are as follows:

Polymeric materials and varnish applied to buildings and pipelines, extrusion coated components, and cermet-covered jet engine components are all instances of coating.

Coatings are often used to protect pipes and installations that are buried in the ground and submerged in water, such as those on offshore oil rigs and platforms, as well as those in corrosive environments.

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