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Custom AHSS Steels for Automotive OEMS

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Kamlesh Metal & Alloy is the biggest manufacturing industry. We manufacture these materials Custom AHSS for automotive OEMS. Our company supplies their material all over the world. We use the pure quality element to produce these materials. These Custom AHSS for automotive OEMS material can complete according to requirements. 

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Information of Custom AHSS for automotive OEMS

The cold formability of higher strength AHSS steels (including 3rd generation AHSS) is significantly lower than that of press hardened steels at elevated temperatures. Repeatable dimensional accuracy in cold forming grades 980 MPa and 1180 MPa is a challenge due to spring back and natural and inherent variations in the mechanical properties of the incoming plate. Significant wear can be observed on cutting and forming tools since very high contact pressures can be present. Higher-strength AHSS cold stamping requires high capacity presses. Hard-to-predict edge cracks are common in higher strength AHSS.

Composition & Benefits of Custom AHSS for automotive OEMS

The iron content of the material offers unmatched resistance weldability, which means longer electrode life along with low abrasion during forming. Galvannealed is designated GA, ZF and A (for ASTM standards) in VDA 239100, and it is informally referred to as zinc-iron coating or hot-dip galvanizing (HDGA). There are several ways to classify automotive steel. One is a metallurgical term that gives information about the process. Other higher strength steels include pressure hardening steels and steels designed for unique applications with improved edge strain and bend strain properties.

Automotive AHSS Market by Product Type
• Dual-Phase Steel
• Martensitic Steel
• Boron Steel

Industrial Applications of Automotive Steel
• Bumpers
• Chassis
• Door beams

SSAB typically makes many different variations of “the same” AHSS

• The SSAB standard grade

• The VDA standard grade

• The SAE standard grade

• The JFS standard grade

• And dozens of OEM-specific grades, each customized to the individual OEM’s standards

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