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Ultra High-Strength Steel

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Kamlesh Metal & Alloy is a prominent supplier, supplier and dealer of Ultra high strength steel material. Our team of experts works hard to produce and maintain a high-quality material. We test all the raw material and then use it. We do not take any poor quality materials. Our company manufacture this material as per the customer needs.

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Information about Ultra high strength steel:

Advanced high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels are becoming a popular material in the automotive manufacturing world because their properties and properties help automakers meet fuel efficiency, safety, and design standards. Ultra-high-strength steel plays an important role in meeting the demands for strength and safety. 

Benefits of Ultra high strength steel:

Advanced High Strength Steel results from carefully engineered chemical compositions and precisely controlled heating and cooling processes. The AHSS family includes Complex Phase (CP), Ferrite-Bainite (FB), Transformation Induced Plasticity (TRIP), Hot Working (HF), and Twin Induced Plasticity (TWIP). Within this family, the different reinforcement techniques produce a variety of properties like strength, ductility, toughness, and fatigue properties. Ultra high strength steel has a yield strength of 550 MPa and a minimum tensile strength of 500 to 800 MPa.

Uses of Ultra high strength steel:

Ultra-high strength steel is used in automotive, engineering, mining, military, and aerospace industries due to its good performance, such as high strength, toughness, and ductility.   For example, it is reported that the automotive industry is currently using Ultra high strength steel with yield strengths up to 1,400 MPa.

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