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Hardox Hooks

Kamlesh Metal & Alloys is a major manufacturing unit that produces and sells premium quality Hardox Hooks created using the best raw material. We have the best infrastructure, innovative tools and the best and eligible staff to produce these materials. We are trading these products at a reasonable price worldwide. About Hardox Material: ardox Steel has a characteristic of low carbon content, which improves its flexibility and impact resistance. Chromium and nickel Alloy content develops the steel state for better wear-resistant ability. Hardox steel is fabricated as a design collected with hardness, toughness, lighter heaviness, good wear resistance and long service existence. It has the lowest hardness, which enhances as the steel grade grows. These Plates are appropriate for various Fabrication Services, such as cutting to length, plate bending, drilling and other machining options.

Hardox Hooks:

Hardox hooks are bendable and weldable abrasion-resistant steel, with a so-called hardness of 500 HBW. These hooks are applicable for those industrial areas that require higher wear resistance.

Features of the Hardox Hooks: With the similar characteristics of the Hardox 500 wear plate, These hardox Hooks are also possessing many good characteristics, which are as follows :

• These hooks have an enhanced service life and improved performance.
• It becomes durable and resistant.
• These hooks add to the payload and enlarge the service life.
• It keeps up the good ability of processing and hardness.

Application of the Hardox Hooks :

• Suitable for wooden cross-sections
• Suitable for Helikon SRT Mini Alpha Target®, Small Alpha Target®, Torso Target.