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Hardox Rakes

Kamlesh Metal & Alloys is a manufacturing company that provides the great range of products manufactured using various material compositions and grades. We are a leading supplier, stockiest and supplier of Hardox Rakes.

Hardox Rakes are ideal products for different applications and workplaces. They have a great range of features and characteristics. The toughness, strengths are the identified features of Hardox Rakes.

Hardox Rakes is the tool or joining accessory used for sorting through the brush, raking roots and clearing away overgrowth. These Hardox Rakes are also used and tested on a variety of applications. The Hardox Rakes are popular for all excavators, manufactured with great compositions of material. Hardox Rakes is a powerful and cost-effective tool that guarantees high productivity and an easy return on investment.


Specifications of Hardox Rakes:

Hardox Rakes are manufactured with a variety of specifications and forms. They are available in customized and default forms.
• Specs
• Width
• Tine Thickness
• Tine Spacing
• Weight
• Accuracy
• Moderative Strength

The manufacturing range of Hardox Rakes are manufactured for use with high horsepower tractors or loading shovels. The requirement is 160hp rear linkage and 180hp front linkage of these Hardox Rakes. They have come with the front linkage rating requirement is 5 tonnes.

Features of Hardox Rakes:

• Highest specification and capacities
• These rakes are known as the global market leader
• High flow divider valve to block gate twists on uneven loads
• Leaned forward spill frame on the gate
• A high-grade mesh gate gives strength and great visibility
• Double profile gate mounting blocks arms from bending

Applications where Hardox Rakes are used:

Hardox Rakes are mainly used in manufacturing, agriculture and construction sites. These are the leading industrial sectors where Hardox Rakes are used widely. Besides this, they are also used in various applications such as marine, farms and many more.