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Hardox Rigging

Kamlesh Metal & Alloys is the manufacture of Hardox Rigging and its other forms. They are available in different forms and types for applications needs. Therefore, we manufacture them in different forms and with various specifications.

Hardox Rigging comes with dragline parts that wear out too quickly can cause unwanted downtime. They have higher maintenance costs and overall risk exposure. This Hardox Rigging is too heavy and they have the limited bucket capacity. Hardox material is a great material that can help dragline rigging stand up to the harshest operating conditions while minimizing rigging weight.

What is Rigging?
Rigging is the equipment. This is designed, manufactured and installed the equipment in the preparation to move objects. A team of riggers design and install the lifting or rolling equipment needed to raise, roll, slide or lift objects such as a crane, hoist or block and tackle.
We manufacture thus riggings using the Hardox steels that offer them great material compositions and grades for various surface finishing’s.

Specifications of Hardox Rigging:
Hardox Rigging is manufacture in the following specifications as per the need of applications. These specifications are the same for the custom and default forms as per the requirements.
• Material
• Grades
• Thicknesses
• Lengths
• Hardness
• Dimension tolerances and testing’s
• Maximum carbon equivalent

Benefits of Hardox Rigging:
• Reduced rigging weight, which will help to increase available payload
• Greater strength and maximized element wear life
• Improved operational safety of the Rigging
• Some parts inventory to standardization
• Less downtime and costs at your mine site