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Hardox For Agriculture Equipment

Hardox Hi Ace is a wear resistant steel that is used in the agriculture industry. It has high resistance to abrasion and impact as well as good workability

This equipment are lighter and are more stress-resistant equipment that would result in faster work, lower consumption, less maintenance time, and a much longer component life cycle.

Hardox for Agriculture Equipment are used for various purposes might best make use of the Wear-Resistant Steel qualities, which are also structural features, eliminating difficult assembly operations, simplifying the design of numerous parts, and avoiding costly heat treatment that gives. As this hardox equipment possesses weight by more than 30 % and the rise in resistance by an even higher amount is insufficient to transform the mindset of this sector.

Hardox For Agriculture Equipment

As this Hardox Agriculture equipment are used for traction, compression, torque, cut, and also in abrupt and unexpected phases, the mechanical properties of this Equipment are critical. Most agricultural equipment components are susceptible to dynamic stresses; therefore making the manufacturing lighter, more elastic, robust, and robust should be a primary necessity.

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