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Hardox For Concrete Mixer Drum

Hardox 450 plates are used to make concrete mixer drums which operate in a harsh environment with hard and wet concrete, exposing the drums to significant wear.

Concrete Mixer Drums must be lightweight as well as robust. Lower tare weight allows for larger payloads, increasing productivity while lowering fuel consumption and environmental effect. SSAB’s high-strength steels enable the construction of much lighter applications.

Hardox 450, wear-resistant steel from SSAB, is one steel that fits the market’s stringent standards.

A concrete mixer drum made of Hardox 450 can be made very light without sacrificing service life. These Drums are quite durable with good resistance to wear and denting, a significantly lighter mixer drum, and the ability to increase payload, which in many cases allows for a saving of one in six loads.

Hardox Concrete Mixer

SSAB began developing a new wear test to fully understand the severe abrasive and corrosive environment found within a mixer drum in order to discover the best steel grade for this application.

Hardox For Concrete Mixer Drum

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