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Hardox For Truck Bodies

Hardox 500 Tuf Plates Abrasion Resistant steel is an ideal Dump Truck material for lessening wear in mining and Quarry Dump Trucks as it has a strong impact and dent resistance.

Hardox for Truck Bodies has structural qualities; it also offers good design solutions. Hardox for Truck Bodies is Bend, instead of welding a bigger number of components. Because of its strong wear resistance and structural qualities that can endure both wear and heavy impact, Hardox 450 is an excellent choice for high-impact regions.

Truck Body

As Hardox fantastic workable material, Hardox 500 Tuf has the same workable characteristics and toughness as Hardox 500 but is harder and stronger. It offers an elevated Decrease in Thickness and Weight when compared to Hardox 450, as well as a 53 percent increase in wear life. When compared to Hardox 500, using Hardox 550 as a truck body material for dead bed liners in the tail section, which is particularly susceptible to sliding wear instead of hard impact, can increase wear life by 43 percent.

Hardox For Truck Bodies

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