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Hardox For Open Pit Minning Equipments

Hardox Wearparts provides dependable wear parts for demanding underground and open pit mining operations.

Hardox open pit mining Equipment’s Mining firms all around the world select Hardox Wear parts to save operational expenses by prolonging service life, lowering human costs, and minimizing downtime. Wear-resistant linings for loading buckets, trucks, and stationary and mobile conveyors are critical in open pit and underground mining operations. Multi-stage crushing operations also rely on long-lasting wear prevention from feeder chute and housing linings that are particularly built for ore and raw material processing.

Hardox Open Pit Minning Equipments

We safeguard the mills, chutes, hydro cyclones, and sorters from the specific stress levels that they are subjected to during each manufacturing process. Aside from mining, Hardox Wearparts provides a variety of specialized wear protection systems for other mining-related production sectors such as pelletizing and sintering.

Hardox For Open Pit Minning Equipments

Open Pit Minning Equipments

a. Shovel
b. Bulldozer
c. Dump truck

d. Excavator
e. Dump pocket
f. Feeder

g. Screener
h. Jaw crusher
i. Conveyor

j. Transfer chute
k. Hammer crusher
l. Final screening
m. Loader
n. Tipper