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Hardox Plates, Pipes Dealer, Stockist In Nagpur

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With the launch of our new product, Hardox 400 Sheet, Kamlesh Metals is striving to seize the initiative after successfully establishing ourselves in the market. We are a well-known Hardox 500 Tubing stockist and distributor. Global clients can purchase these 450 Plates with a variety of standards. Hardox offers you a prolonged service life and high productivity even in acidic environments because it is tough from the surface all the way down to the core.

Kamlesh Metals strives to meet the needs of its customers. By providing a thorough overview of our products, we appear to make it simple for our customer. This might help them make the best decisions for particular products and their attributes. At the moment, we are focusing on quality.

Our goal was to provide the most precise, accurate, and high-quality products, and today our product quality is the best. Quality has always been important to us. The Hardox wear Tubes are the most prominent abrasion-resistant steel. In order to create new and better goods, SSAB is continually working to enhance its manufacturing procedures. As a result, we guarantee tighter tolerances as well as enhanced workshop characteristics.

SSAB offers strict thickness tolerances, tight flatness tolerances, and tight bending guarantees for its Abrasion Resistant 500 Round Bars. The Hardox wear Pipes are different from regular AR steel in that they are tougher. Due to its high yield strength and ability to be bent, formed, and welded without losing its properties, AR 450 Pipes can be used as structural steel, which enables the construction of lighter structures.

We have outstanding finished and semi-finished goods storage and warehousing space, which is the main cause of this. We are always prepared to provide this 400 Sheet for last-minute requests. We are the reliable supplier of the Hardox 400 Pipes, which can withstand exceptionally high pressures and comes with a warranty.

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Hardox Plates, Pipes Specification in Nagpur



Hardox Plate Thickness

4.0 – 130.0 mm

Hardox Sheets Thickness

2.0 - 8.0 mm

Hardox Plate width

Up to 3350 mm

Hardox Sheets width

up to 1650 mm


76.1 - 219.1 Mm


Up To 10000 Mm

Hardox Plate Production

Hot-Rolled (HR) / Cold-Rolled (CR)

Hardox Plates Heat Treatment

N, Q+T

Hardox Plate Length

up to 16000 mm

Hardox Plate Standards

EN 10029 / EN 10051 / EN 10131

Hardox Plate Hardness

Half Hard, Quarter Hard, Soft, Hard, Spring Hard


40–100 Mm (1.575–3.937 In


Up To 5,000 Mm (196.85 In

Value added services for Hardox Plates

Waterjet cutting, Plasma cutting, Laser cutting, Bending and mechanical processing, edge preparation, welding, sawing and shearing

Available Stock of Abrasion Resistance Hardox 450 Tubes In Nagpur

We maintain huge inventory of all standard sizes and grades. Please send us your complete requirement and we will send you the availability with the best quotes for Abrasion Resistant Hardox 550 Tubes.

Types of Hardox Plates, Pipes In Nagpur

Hardox Pipes Tubes

Hardox Pipes, Tubes In Nagpur

  • AR Pipe Supplier In Hingna
  • 550 AR Pipe Distributor In Kalmeshwar
  • SSAB Hardox Pipes Authorized Dealer In Nagpur
  • AR 600 Wear Resistant Tubing Dealer In Kalmeshwar
  • 500 Hardox Tubing Exporter In Butibori
  • Abrasion Resistant 600 Pipes Authorized Dealer In Nagpur
  • SSAB Hardox 600 Wear Pipes In Hingna
  • Hardox 550 Tubes Dealer In Uppalwadi
  • SSAB AR 600 Tubes Authorized Dealer In Nagpur
  • 550 Hardox Pipe Exporter In Uppalwadi
  • SSAB Abrasion Resistant 550 Pipe In Uppalwadi
  • AR 500 Wear Resistant Pipe Authorized Distributor In Butibori
  • 450 AR Pipe Authorized Dealer In Nagpur
Hardox Sheets Plates

Hardox Sheets, Plates In Nagpur

  • SSAB AR Plates Stockist In Nagpur
  • Hardox 600 Wear Resistant Sheet Supplier In Kalmeshwar
  • 600 Abrasion Resistant Plate Exporter In Butibori
  • SSAB AR 600 Plates Dealer In Nagpur
  • 400 AR Plate Dealer In Uppalwadi
  • Abrasion Resistant Plate Stockist In Hingna
  • 400 Abrasion Resistant Plate Supplier In Kalmeshwar
  • SSAB AR 450 Sheet In Uppalwadi
  • Abrasion Resistant 600 Wear Resistant Sheet Stockist In Butibori
  • 400 AR Sheets Stockist In Nagpur
  • Abrasion Resistant 500 Sheets Dealer In Nagpur
  • SSAB Abrasion Resistant 550 Wear Plate In Hingna
  • Hardox 600 Sheets Dealer In Uppalwadi
Hardox Round Bars

Hardox Round Bars In Nagpur

  • SSAB Hardox 500 Wear Bar In Hingna
  • AR 500 Bars Dealer In Uppalwadi
  • SSAB AR 550 Bars Distributor In Nagpur
  • Abrasion Resistant Round Bars Authorized Dealer In Hingna
  • 450 AR Bars Supplier In Kalmeshwar
  • SSAB Abrasion Resistant Bars Distributor In Nagpur
  • Hardox 400 Round Bars Distributor In Nagpur
  • 500 AR Bars Authorized Distributor In Uppalwadi
  • SSAB Hardox 600 Round Bars In Uppalwadi
  • Hardox 550 Wear Resistant Bar Exporter In Butibori
  • 450 Hardox Round Bars Authorized Distributor In Nagpur
  • Hardox 550 Wear Resistant Round Bars Distributor In Kalmeshwar
  • 450 Hardox Round Bars Dealer In Butibori

Hardox Plates, Pipes Price In Nagpur

  • SSAB Abrasion Resistant 500 Wear Resistant Steel Sheet price in Nagpur
    FOB Price: US$ 550.00- 700.00 / Ton
  • Top quality Hardox 550 steel Sheets Price in Butibori
    FOB Price: US$ 785.00- 1,155.00 / Ton
  • Price of Hardox® 550 Tubing in Uppalwadi
    FOB Price: US$ 599.00- 1,699.00 / Ton
  • Abrasion Resistant 450 Wear Resistant Steel Plates in Kalmeshwar
    FOB Price: US$ 500.00- 1,000.00 / Ton
  • Abrasion Resistant 550 wear Pipes for aggressive environments in Hingna
    FOB Price: US$ 650.00- 900.00 / Metric Ton
  • hot selling AR 600 Rusty Plate in Butibori
    FOB Price: US$ 726.00- 1,521.00 / Ton
  • Abrasion Resistant 450 Sheet and Plates Good Price in Nagpur
    FOB Price: US$ 1,450.00 / Ton
  • Material AR 450 Wear Steel Plates for Construction in Uppalwadi
    FOB Price: US$ 1,750.00 / Ton
  • HB 400 BHN Pipe Stockholder in Hingna
    FOB Price: US$ 670.00- 970.00 / Ton

HARDOX Plates, Pipes In Nagpur

  • Hardox 550 Steel Sheets Distributor in Nagpur
  • HARDOX 450 Abrasion Plate Price List in Butibori
  • Hardox 450 Tubing Authorized Dealer in Uppalwadi
  • Hardox 450 Wear Resistant Steel Plates Exporter in Kalmeshwar
  • Hardox 600 Hot Rolled Pipes Dealer in Hingna
  • Abrasion Resistant 450 Steel Pipes Dealer in Nagpur
  • Hardox 600 Wear Sheets Dealer in Kalmeshwar
  • BHN 450 Tubing Distributor in Hingna
  • Hardox 550 Cut Sheets Authorized Dealer in Butibori
  • Hardox 500 Wear Resistant Liner Pipes Stockist in Uppalwadi
  • Hardox 500 Abrasion Resistant Sheets Stockist in Nagpur
  • Hardox 550 Abrasion Resistant (AR) Plates Authorized Distributor in Butibori
  • SSAB Hardox® 600 Tubing Authorized Distributor in Kalmeshwar
  • Authorized Dealer of Hardox 550 Steel Tubes in Uppalwadi
  • Hardox 400 Tubes Cut to Length in Hingna
  • Abrasion Resistant Steel – HARDOX 450 Sheets Authorized Distributor in Kalmeshwar
  • Available Standard EN 10029 Hardox 450 Pipes Supplier in Nagpur
  • Hardox EN 10051 400 Sheet Distributor in Butibori
  • EN 10131 Hardox 450 Round Bars Exporter in Uppalwadi
  • Hardox® 400 Round Bars Supplier in Hingna
  • Hardox® wear Round Bars in Uppalwadi
  • AR 600 Abrasion Resistant Steel Tubes Authorized Distributor in Kalmeshwar
  • Hardox 500 SSAB Make Liner Plates Authorized Dealer in Nagpur
  • Hardox 600 Equivalent Round Bars Stockist in Hingna
  • AR 450 Hardox Pipes Stockist in Butibori
  • AR 550 Steel Pipe Distributor in Nagpur
  • 550HB Wear Resistant Tubing Exporter in Kalmeshwar
  • 550 HBW Hardox Tubes Supplier in Uppalwadi
  • Hardox 500 Round Bars Stockist in Butibori
  • SSAB Hardox® 500 Plate Distributor in Hingna

Hardox Plates, Pipes Processing In Nagpur

Processes on Sheet includes Shearing, Drilling, High Definition Plasma, Sawing, Oxy Cutting, Standard Definition Plasma, Forming, Laser and much more. We take great pride in not just offering great services for our customers, but we stand behind the services we provide in a way that is unmatched in the industry.


Hardox Plates, Pipes - Industries & Applications In Nagpur

Our Pipes are used in a wide range of applications and various industries. Below are a few of them:


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