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My Inner Strenx

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Kamlesh Metal and Alloys has a driving performance with My inner Strenx. We are one of the suppliers committed to state-of-the-art designing and innovative production of My inner Strenx.

SSAB My Inner Strenx

What are the Properties and features of My inner Strenx?

My inner Strenx increases the lifetime that’s to its durability, which is best. It does not deteriorate. It covers more due to its dimensions which are thinner and sturdier. It is reliable in its performance as they do not form cracks and are not brittle. My inner Strenx is resistant to fatigue. They meet the requirements of safety and performance in any machinery. They substantially reduce the weight of the applications, as they are light weighted. The agricultural machinery using, My inner Strenx is lighter, which makes it sink less in mud and excellent stability when moving on slopes. They bear great strength for machinery with high demanding pressures.

What are the useful Applications of My inner Strenx?

They are used for the manufacture of forestry equipment for its performance which is reliable even when the atmospheric conditions are freezing. They are used in sturdy and light-weighted agricultural equipment. It is also used in applications for planting, spraying, and harvesting with less compacting of soil and fewer efforts of the farmers. They are utilized in ladder cars and the tallest aerial lifts. They have the fine property of welding and bending and are used for fabrication jobs. My inner Strenx is used in concrete boom pumps. They are used in truck-mounted loader cranes and mobile cranes. They are used in aerial work platforms. They are used in many superstructures. These are also used for frames and stakes of timber trailers. They are also used in mulchers.

Kamlesh Metal and Alloys believes in manufacturing products with quality control and high standard raw material at reasonable rates.

My Inner Strenx - Benefits

My Inner Strenx® - Industries & Applications​

Our My Inner Strenx are used in a wide range of applications and various industries. Below are a few of them: