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Strenx 100 Plates Supplier

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Kamlesh Metal & Alloy is a leading supplier and seller of the best quality Strenx 100 Plates. We are creating these plates using the best kind of raw materials acquired from the certified vendor.

Strenx 100 plates: 
These plates are recognised as high-power, high-performance steel, which is structural steel with a minimum yield force of 100 ksi. It meets the needs of ASTM A514 Grade S. It has a thickness of up to 2 1/2 inches. The induction strategies for Strenx 100 refer to the same as proposed for Strenx 700.


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Features of Strenx 100 Plates: 

  • According to Strenx 100 plates, bending guarantees the best strength to the final product.
  • Strenx100 plates have got their mechanical features by quenching and subsequent tempering. 
  • The features of the delivery circumstance cannot be reserved after exposure to temperatures in surplus of 1075 F. 
  • These plates are specially designed for structural areas where factor strength to weight ratio is significant with outstanding cold-forming and good welding types at room temperature with no pre-heating.

Application of the Strenx 100 Plates:

Strenx 100 steel plate is a thermostatically rolled plate with 100% iron ore material. It is perfect for those industrial applications whose high strength and outstanding cold forming quality can decrease overall production costs. It is also perfect for those applications where improved strength and weight lessening is needed due to its higher yield power over usually used 50ksi lowest amount yield strength grades. It has superior flatness and is therefore excellent for laser or plasma burning applications. 

Typical applications include:

  • Trailer Frames and Beams
  • Chassis
  • UpLifting-Cranes and Booms 
  • Filling and Articulating tools and weapons

Recommendation: The customers should take suitable health and safety precautions while doing the manufacturing process as welding, cutting, grinding, etc., particularly Grinding, of primer coated plates as it may create dust with a high particle concentration.

Strenx 100 Plates Specification



Use For

Structural Low temperatures (down to -60°)

Strenx 100 Plates Thickness

4.0 - 8.0 mm

Strenx 100 Plate width

Up to 1600 mm

Strenx 100 Plate Production

Hot-Rolled (HR) / Cold-Rolled (CR)

Strenx 100 Plates Heat Treatment

N, Q+T

Strenx 100 Plate Length

Up to 12300 mm

Strenx 100 Plate Standards

EN 10051, EN 10029, EN 10163-2

Strenx 100 Plate Hardness

Half Hard, Quarter Hard, Soft, Hard, Spring Hard

Surface Properties

According to EN 10 163-2 Class A, Subclass 3

Available Stock of Strenx 100 High Strength Steel Plates

We maintain huge inventory of all standard sizes and grades. Please send us your complete requirement and we will send you the availability with the best quotes for High Strength Structural Steel Strenx 100 Plates.

Chemical Composition of Strenx 100 Plates

Grade C (max %) Si *)(max %) Mn *)(max %) P(max %) S(max %) Cr *)(Min %) Cu *)(max %) Ni *)(max %) Mo *)(max %) B *)(max %)
Strenx® 100 0.20 0.60 1.60 0.020 0.010 0.80 0.30 2.0 0.70 0.005

Strenx 100 Plates Mechanical Properties

Thickness (Inches) Yield strength Rp0.2 (min ksi) Tensile strength Rm (ksi) Elongation A50 (min %) Reduction1) of area (min %)
0.188 – 0.75 100 110 – 130 16 35
0.75 – 2.500 100 110 – 130 16 35
2.500 – 4 94 110 – 130 14 35
(4.00) – 5.00 94 102 – 130 14 35

Different Types of Strenx 100 Plates

  • Strenx® 100 Performance Steel Plates
  • Strenx 100 Plate Supplier
  • Strenx 100 Plates Cut to Length
  • SSAB Strenx® 100 Plates Authorized Dealer
  • Strenx 100 Hot Rolled Steel Plate
  • Strenx 100 Structural Steel Plate
  • Distributor of Strenx 100 Steel Plates
  • Strenx 100 High Strength Steel Plates
  • Strenx 100 Plate Stockholder
  • Strenx 100 Plates Price List in India
  • Strenx 100 High Tensile Plates
  • EN 10029 Strenx 100 Plate
  • Strenx 100 High-Strength Plate
  • Strenx® 100 Plate Authorized Distributor
  • Structural Steel – Strenx 100 Plates
  • Strenx 100 High Tensile Structural Plate
  • Strenx 100 Steel Plates Dealer
  • Sole Distributor of Strenx® 100 Sheets
  • Available Standard EN 10025-6 Strenx 100 Plates
  • Strenx EN 10051 100 Plate

Strenx 100 Plates Processing

Processes on Plates includes Shearing, Drilling, High Definition Plasma, Sawing, Oxy Cutting, Standard Definition Plasma, Forming, Laser and much more. We take great pride in not just offering great services for our customers, but we stand behind the services we provide in a way that is unmatched in the industry.


Strenx 100 Plates - Industries & Applications

Our Plates are used in a wide range of applications and various industries. Below are a few of them:


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