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Kamlesh Metal & Alloy manufacture an extensive range of industrial products with different specifications and variations. Hardox Harvester Blades have different criteria and base don that they are used in different industrial applications.

Hardox Harvester Blades comes with excellent sharpness and strengths, and these blades have the best cutting features. These blades do the processes are reaping, threshing, and winnowing, and these are the combined processes.

Hardox Harvester Blades comes with different types of blades and their shapes. Hardox Harvester Blades and their custom types have more tightly controlled grades, chemical compositions, narrower tolerances for thickness, flatness and other physical properties. All of these ranges are great and that’s why they have tremendous demands.

Hardox Harvester Blades

Features of Hardox Harvester Blades:

• Hardness implies the material’s ability to resist a localized deformation induced by indentation.
• They have the best flexibility, which defines the material’s ability for plastic deformation without rupture.
• The strength features are excellent that describes the material’s ability to withstand a load without breaking processing on different applications.

These Hardox Harvester Blades come with physical and mechanical properties. These properties make these blades suitable for working on different sites without fear of cracking. You can use these blades for different processes without a loss of promised mechanical properties. Still, those forming properties of Hardox Harvester Blades are good only compared to other wear-resistant steels and inferior to regular ones.

When it comes to the thermal properties or the processes, Hardox Harvester Blades’ thermal energy has to be introduced in the cutting process. Various processes are available for thermal cutting such as plasma cutting, autogenous cutting, and thermal cutting.

What are the different applications and sectors where Hardox Harvester Blades are used?

Hardox Harvester Blades are used in the agriculture field, marine environment, manufacturing and construction sites. They are used in other industrial sectors where metal cuttings are included.