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Hardox Heel Shrouds

Kamlesh Metal & Alloy is a premier supplier and supplier of the best quality Hardox Heel Shrouds.

What is Hardox Heel Shrouds?

The Hardox Heel shrouds are the covering around the lower outside bucket corners. These facilitate protecting critical high-wear areas and extend the life of the buckets. Heel shrouds created by Hardox steel have been confirmed to be tremendously durable and straightforward to weld on. These are accessible in straight and curved models.

The heel shrouds are also called Heel Blocks. These are considered to suit the overhang of moreover wall or floor plates on buckets and allow for 6 run weld pass contentedly. Our heel shrouds are hard wearing and have a greater value per kg of wear material.
Heel Shrouds are shed from alloy steel with high hardness and abrasion resistant features. They amplify performance and life on excavator and loader buckets by defending the high wear corner edges.

The Heel Shrouds Protect the buckets from wear. The clients will extend the lifetime of their bucket and will reduce their maintenance costs by using shrouds. Less maintenance also means less production loss. Heat-treated heel shrouds can be fitted to increase bucket lifetime further.

Hardox Heel Shrouds

Some Properties and benefits of Hardox Heel Shrouds are as follows:

• High tensile Steel and additional structural strengthening with thicker plates.
• extinguished and tempered high power wear-resistant steel are used to guard the bucket from high abrasive wear.
• Custom built to client’s necessity in width and loading capability.
• High-quality cast bolt-on or pin-on shrouds can be built-in.
• These are accessible in all sizes and for all leading tools producers.

Typical applications:

This Hardox Heel Shroud is meant to work with rugged rocks and granite quarry applications. They can break through hard rock while maintaining their structural integrity.

These are primarily utilized in:
• buckets
• crusher
• spider arm guards
• feed and discharge chutes
• feeder grizzly bars etc.