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Kamlesh Metal & Alloy is a renowned producer and seller of high quality Hardox Stump Grinder Disks. These materials are manufactured using the guaranteed best raw materials, and we have the best infrastructure and efficient and skilled people with us for producing the best outputs.

What is Hardox steel?

Hardox is an abrasion-resistant steel with an insignificant stiffness, and Hardox is all-around wear-resistant steel. Because of its high toughness, high-quality bendability and weldability, this steel can be applied in structures with sensible wear. It has a unique blend of hardness and toughness, constructing it both wear and crack resistant. Depending on the particular wear situation, It can improve the performance and boost the service life of the final product numerous times compared to other AR steel grades.

Stump Grinder Disc

What is Hardox Stump Grinders?

Hardox Stump grinders have a sharp, long-term grinder disc to complete the work. Hardox is assisting these machines in keeping grinding away, pass after pass, with its perfect combination of hardness and toughness.

The Discs for stump grinders made in Hardox steel have been distributed high presentation year after year for many customers. With a hard edge, the disc maintains its sharpness the clients can avoid needless downtime. With Hardox, the customers get a longer tools service life, local parts availability with short lead times, and an improved end effect.

Advantages of using Hardox Stump Grinders are:

• Drilling fast in soft or moderate soil
• Quickly moves and plants trees
• More aggressive rotor braking soil for seeding
• Max seed-to-soil contact
• Power rake for construction sites
• Clearing brush, small trees
• Greater visibility, capacity, durability
• Ideal for cutting fields, parks, roadsides

Application of Hardox Stump Grinders: Hardox Stump Grinders can be used to line conveyor belts and be used in moving chains and For use in the sides and floor of containers.