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Kamlesh Metal & Alloy is the company that provides great categories of products, including the Hardox Ripper Points. We manufacture them in the way so that they will easily work with all sorts of working environments.

Hardox Ripper Points are useful when workings surroundings need to break up rocks, hardpan or other densely compacted materials or furrow cultivated soil. Our manufactured Hardox Ripper Points will break up the material into small pieces that are easy to handle and transport.

What is Hardox?

Hardox is the wear plate for extreme abrasion resistance. Hardox material is hard. The surface deep down to its core offers extended service life and high productivity in critical working surroundings. The material has great working features and abrasion resistance features. Hardox comes with the minimum core hardness of upto 90 % of the guaranteed minimum surface hardness.

Hardox is identified for its superior hardness, toughness, and abrasion resistance. In addition, it extends reliable production in several aggressive applications and wears circumstances, including as a load-bearing part. 

Excellent weldability is also synonymous with Hardox. Combining these metals to any weldable steel can be undertaken using any standard method.

Hardox Ripper Points

What is Ripping Points?

Ripper points differential soil compaction results by
increasing fracturing across the soil profile so that water can move freely via
the soil, giving plant sources easier entrance to required nutrients and
improving crop yield.

Benefits of Hardox Ripper Points:

• High toughness properties.
• Significantly greater toughness to chipping of material.
• Longer service life.
• Locally available on a short lead time.

Applications where Hardox Ripper Points are used:
• Mining
• Quarries and sand
• Construction
• Cement and concrete
• Coal and energy
• Metalworks

These are the different working applications where Hardox Ripper Points are worked excellently. They have great working features that allow them to work in any surroundings along with the critical ones.