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Hardox Impact Plate

Kamlesh Metal & Alloy is a pioneer producer, stockist, supplier and exporter of the high quality Hardox Impact Plate In the worldwide. We possess the best infrastructure, innovative machinery and efficient, skilled staff to work with us for the betterment of the materials provided by us.

What is Hardox Impact Plate?
Impact plate is one of the main wearing parts of an impact crusher. Impact plate created by Hardox has brought owners huge maintenance cost savings.

A superior initial hardness makes clear the extended service life compared with the typical manganese steel used. Mn steel is so-called deformation hardening steel, with an initial hardness of 280 HB. Some of the customers have doubled the service life of their pieces of equipment after changing to Hardox. The effortlessness of welding and hard facing is another cause behind victorious upgrades to Hardox. Hardox steel is some of the most substantial steel in the world. This steel has been used to create the new Bay-Lynx Titan Volumetric Mixer.

Hardox Impact Plate

Properties of Hardox Impact Plate:

The Hardox Impact plate is used by the industrial processes that allow the steel to carry some unique traits like consistent properties, outstanding impact toughness, bendability, and formability.

An essential feature of the Hardox Impact plate is its flexibility. The Hardox steel can bend the absorb impact while still retaining its original shape. However, for flexibility to truly aid in longevity, there needs to be a large enough surface area to allow bending and returning to its original shape. With aggregate bin supports, the flexibility would result in cracking of the welds, decreasing lifespan and opening the door for corrosion. Employing this method allows for incredible weight savings by removing the unnecessary, and heavy bin supports.

Application: The Hardox Impact Plate are used for buckets and the other agricultural applications.